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Engineering Division


In the later years, with Technical & Financial back-up from ELECON, PEL started executing Orders of BELT CONVEYOR SPARES viz. Idlers, Rollers, Frames & Pulleys, specifically to the Customer-zone who demanded ELECON -make products. Apparently, executing smaller value Orders for these Customers, it was not practically feasible for ELECON and the task was well performed by PEL up to the best satisfaction of the Customers.

Over a period of these two & half decades, PEL has emerged as one of the prominent supplier of Belt Conveyor Spares to the Core Industrial segment of Nation viz. Cement Industries, Fertilizer Units, Power plants & Heavy Chemical Industries, Mines & Minerals, Steel Plants etc. Having very large infra-structural facilities (with 200 CNC/NC Machines under one roof), PEL is capable of executing a sizable Project Orders in stipulated time-frames.


PEL has now grown up as a Medium sized engineering Organization. All available facilities have been divided Operation & Activity-wise in different profit-centers i.e. Machine –shops, Coupling-shop, Idler-shop, Pulley-shop & Fabrication-shop.

Apart from Idlers & Pulleys, PEL also caters to ELECON & other Customers following Engg. Components on regular supply basis.

  • Shafts/ Worm Shafts/ Pinions
  • Geared Couplings
  • Gear wheels
  • C.I. & Fabricated Gear cases
  • Track/Rear frames
  • Components of Mining Equipments
  • Worm Gear Kits 
  • Many other Fabricated & Machined Components.

Idler - Manufacturing Range
Carrying Idler Return Idler Impact Idler
Self  Aligning Carrying Idler Self  Aligning Return Idler Non – Magnetic Idler
Self  Cleaning Idler V – Type Return Idler Garland Type Idler
Frames for Conveyor
Impact Rollers

Carrying Rollers
PEL supplies a wide variety of  various types of modular  Conveyor structure, for overland, plant and underground  Conveyors, roof slung of floor mounted.
Conveyor Structure  
The Sealing System

Amongst the most critical aspects affecting the life of a conveyor idler, are the design, manufacture and assembly of the sealing system. If the design is such that the seal effectively prevents the ingress of Contaminants into the bearing, but increases frictional Resistance of the roll, then increased wear on the tube will result in premature shell failure. On the other hand, utilizing a seal, which limits frictional resistance to a minimum, But does not adequately protect the bearing, will result in contamination, and eventually premature bearing failure.

After many years of development and refinement, the PEL idler offers the most suitable combination of both, effectively protecting the bearing to limit contamination, without unduly Increasing the rolling resistance, thus ensuring that the designed life is achieved. PEL extensive range of greased and sealed for life non-rubbing seals, are suitable for any application.

Strong welded monoblock construction, State of the Art proven technology, Turned back end housings ensure accurate concentric assembly, Tube wall thickness maintained at bearing housing connection point, Low T.I.R., Accurate bearing alignment, Maximum sealing efficiency, Low running resistance, Low break away mass, Deep groove ball bearing, Mig welded fabrication, High levels of repetitive accuracy.

Pulley - Manufacturing Range

Drive & Non-Drive Pulleys Heavy Duty Construction Pulleys Extra Heavy Duty Construction Pulleys
Drum Pulley Slated Tail Pulley Squirrel Cage Pulley
Manufactured from selected & Genuine Indian Steels with fully machined weld preparation - Drive pulley are offered with lagging, shaft configurations to meet customer requirements and friction based releasable locking devices. Pulley types include standard, custom and engineered class pulleys.
Conveyor Pulleys  


Fabricated Gear Case

LPT of  fabricated wheel manufactured for GEB, Gandhinagar

Gear Case, Weight: 18 MT, Size: 3085 x 2610















































































































































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