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1. Idler Shop :

This workshop has its specialization for manufacturing Belt Conveyor – Idlers, Rollers, Frames and Brackets. These components are used widely in material handling system.
The various types of Idlers and Rollers manufactured are –
(1) Carrying Idlers/Troughing Idlers
(2) Return Idlers
(3) Impact Idlers
(4) Self Aligning Carrying/Troughing Idlers
(5) Self Aligning Return Idlers
(6) Special purpose Idlers/Rollers

PEL posses the latest kind of CNC Machines, rendering the output of about 24,000 Rollers and 8000 Frames. The workshop continually works round the clock and is capable of meeting the shortest delivery periods for their esteemed customers.

Spindle Turning Mc

Spindle Turning Mc
Welding ROBOT (FANUC Control)

Welding ROBOT (FANUC Control)

2. Pulley Shop :

The pulleys are also a component for the Belt Conveyor. The pulleys are manufactured as per IS: 8531- 1986 and as per the norms designed by  Elecon.

Various types of Pulleys used in a Belt Conveyor, manufactured by PEL are :
(1) Head/Drive Pulley (with/without rubber lagging)
(2) Tail Pulley
(3) Bend Pulley
(4) Snub Pulley
(5) Special purpose pulleys

With the available latest technical facilities, PEL has the existing capacity to manufacture and supply approximately 300 Nos. Pulleys in a month of any size/specifications. PEL follows the best quality standards to ensure long and trouble free service of their product.

Plate Bending Machine
Capacity : 2500mm width X 36 mm thick

Plate Bending Machine

SAW of Hub

SAW of Hub

SAW of Pulley

SAW of Pulley

SAW of Pulley

SAW of Pulley


3. Coupling Shop :

The couplings are used for power transmission in gear box, torsion pipes and input/output shafts. The couplings manufactured here are supplied to M/s.Elecon Gear Division.
The products handled by this shop are :

a) Gear Coupling
b) Fluid Coupling
c) Scoop Coupling




VTC Machine

PCD drilling of FC 700 Coupling on YV ATC+C Machine

PCD drilling of FC 700 Coupling

4. Machine Shop - I :

Machine Shop – I in PEL is having a specialization for precision and heavy machining job work.
The major components machined here are –

a) Gear Wheels (up to 1250mm)
b) Hobbing ( up to 20 Modules )
c) Bearing Housings of larger size.
d) Bogie Wheels
e) Bolsters and
f) Grinding of various shafts like warm shafts, slow speed shafts, out put shafts and pinion shafts.

This machine shop possesses latest and precision CNC machines. Some typical components like coupling, bearing housing and taper sleeve etc. are manufactured with RA value of 0.8. Its 100% out put is contributed to parent organization M/s.Elecon and other group companies.

CNC Hobbing machine (Make: WMW, Model: ZFW2-10/1)Max Module: 16 , Load capacity: 5 tons

CNC Hobbing machine

Thread Whirling Machine (Make: Burgsmuller Germany , Model : BM 250-1000),Centre distance : 2500 mm, Max Whirling Length : 2000 mm, Max Whirling Dia :  250 mm, Centre Height above bed : 450 mm, Centre Height above cross slide : 300 mm

Thread Whirling Machine


5. Machine Shop II :

This machine shop has its total set up established to manufacture the components of power transmission units. The components manufactured here are of very precision nature and they are supplied to Gear division of M/s.Elecon as well as to M/s. Power Build Limited. The following Gear components are manufactured on routine basis –

a) Geared wheel
b) Out put shafts
c) Pinion shafts
d) Hollow shafts
e) Gear teeth hobbing ( up to 12 Modules )
f) Bore grinding on gear wheels
g) Out side diameter grinding on in put and out put shafts
h) Key seating for various hollow shafts and gear wheels

Some special operations viz. hollow shafts concentricity to maintain within 0.2mm on out side and inside diameter as well as key way making up to 500mm can be done and hobbing operation up to 8 modules can be done in a single cut in this machine shop.

Vertical Lathe (Make: YOUJI, Model : YV 1200 ATC)Table  Size: 1250 mm, Max Swing: 1600 mm,Max cutting dia:  1350, Max. height: 1200 mm, Load capacity: 5 tons

Vertical Lathe

CNC Hobbing Machine (Make: LIEBHERR, Model : LC 700) Max  Module : 12, Max. work piece diameter : 700 mm, Center distance: 50 – 500 mm

CNC Hobbing Machine

CNC Gear Shaper (Make: YICHANG CHANGING, Model : YKM51160)Max. Module: 20, Stroke Length : 420 mm, Max. dia internal gear: 2100 mm, Max. dia external gear: 1600 mm

CNC Gear Shaper

Turn – Mill  Center (Make: MAZAK, Model : INTEGREX 35)Max swing : 575mm, Swing over Cross : 470 mm,Center Distance : 1500 mm, Chuck Size: 300 mm

Turn – Mill  Center



6. Machine Shop III :

Like machine shop I & II, this machine shop too caters its 100% out put to M/s. Elecon. This machine shop has its specialization in manufacturing fabricated and cast gear box bodies.
This includes following activities :

a) Top and Bottom machining of gear box
b) Marking, drilling, tapping and de burring operations
c) Case joining and final assembly with fasteners.

Apart from above, this machine shop caters to the components for mining machineries like – Bolsters, Dump levers, Link and Bearing housings for Pulley and Crushers too are manufactured and supplied along with other critical machining job as per the drawings requirement.

Machine Shop

Machine Shop

Horizontal Boring Machine (Jauristy, Spain)Spindle capacity: 205 mm, Weight Capacity: 10 MT

Horizontal Boring Machine

Plano Miller Machine (SANCO, Taiwan)
Table Size : 5000 mm x 1200 mm

Plano Miller Machine

7. Machine Shop IV :

Like Machine Shop III, this shop is also fully engaged to cater the requirement of M/s.Elecon Gear Division. The type of products/services offered by this machine shop is:

a) Worm Gears (Standard and Special type) 
b) FSM, SFU and FSO type
c) Gear Wheel (Bore and Face grinding)

 For worm gear supplies, various series ranging from 2.25” to 10.5” NU (standard type) & SNU (modified type) are supplied. The various operation performed for these are – Top & Bottom facing, Boring, Drilling, Tapping and cover fitting

In special worm gears, LIFT Gears manufacturing is set up.

This machine shop posses very high precision MAZAK machining centers which are CNC type machines and yields very high out put with the best accuracy in the job. Tooling used for these machines are of very latest types.  The complete job is machined within 40 to 50 minutes and various operations as mentioned above are done in only two settings.

Horizontal Machining Center (Make: MAZAK, Model : FH 6800)Table  Size: 630 x 630 mm, X-axis: 1050 mm, Y – axis: 800 mm, Z axis: 800 mm

Horizontal Machining Center

8. Fabrication Shop :

PEL has full fledged fabrication shop which does the Mild Steel fabrication of 5mm to 150mm thick plates’ with various sections, round bars and structures. Mainly following components are fabricated in this work shop:

a) Fabrication of Gear Cases, which is used to reduce the speed of motor.

b) Parts of stacker reclaimer like under carriage, pilon, bucket wheel boom, counter weight box, compensating beam, etc. These parts are used for stacking and reclaiming the material in power plant, cement plant, fertilizer plant, etc.

c) Wagon Tippler components like end frame, toe, rail table, top stop girder, clamp beam, spill plate side wheel, etc.

d) Coal crusher viz. impact crusher and two roll crusher.
e) Underground mining machinery equipment like rear frame, arm, front frame, hull, main frame, buckets and bracket.

Fabrication is being carried out for the job weighing from 200 kgs. to 27,000 kgs. jobs. Per month about 6,00,000 kgs. material is fabricated. The welders are qualified under M/s. Lloyds Register of Industrial Shipping and also certified under DNV system. Fabrication process is also tested by Ultrasonic testing and Radiography. An imported Robotic machine – Cloos Schweiss Teknik (Germany) is also installed for better quality of welding and good penetration.

Fabrication Shop

Fabrication Shop

Plasma Profile cutting

Plasma  Profile cutting

9. Quality Control :

The quality control department is directly concerned with the quality of input material, in process material and quality of the finished goods.

All instruments calibration and records are kept and updated time to time by the quality control department.

Electronic Height Gage

Electronic Height Gage

FARO GAGE (Portable CMM)

FARO GAGE (Portable CMM)

EFRS 600 (Lead & Profile checking machine)

EFRS 600

Surface Roughness Tester

Surface Roughness Tester

Ultrasonic Testing of Pulley Shell

Ultrasonic Testing 
of Pulley Shell

Pneumatic gages for OD measurement

Pneumatic gages for OD measurement


























































































































































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