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Metal Detectors

PEL manufactures metal detectors as per Boekels' design with latest technology incorporation integrating circuits, styroflex capacitors, metal film resistors, temperature compensated pot core transformers, active filters etc. These are widely used in:

Mining and material handling/processing industries to prevent damage to crushers, mills, elevators, feeding devices.

Chemical Industry to prevent damage to grinding mills and processing glass lined vessels and to avoid metallic contamination.

Wood and timber industries to prevent damage to saws, chippers, particle board presses etc.

Plastic and moulding Industries to prevent damage to press and moulds.

Food, Tobacco, Tea & Pharmaceutical industries to protect kneading machines and presses etc. and also to inspect final product for metallic contamination.

Clay and brick industries to protect moulds.

PEL Metal Detector consists of search coil unit and electronic control unit. These are available in various Models depending upon width of conveyor belt and burden height. Sand bag marker for spot locating the detected metal contamination and auto testing device for periodic checking of sensitivity are provided as optional accessories.















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